Each day in July, we talked about one way to help increase your MileagePlus account balance. Throughout the month, I kept on getting the same question: “How will all these small offers get me on my dream vacation? Is it possible to earn enough miles to get me there?


The answer is a big fat yes!

Screenshot 2013-07-30 at 9.28.07 PM

Mileage earning is a marathon and you have two options: run it like the hare or the tortoise Sometimes we want to be the hare and earn miles the quick way by credit card sign-up bonuses. The problem with this is for most people, like me, the race isn’t just about taking one trip. Therefore, earning miles only though credit card sign-ups will only get you so far in the race. Why the tortoise wins the race most times!

July was about talking about earning United Miles. August is about doing it!

Throughout the month of August, I am going to try to earn as many United miles as possible. There are only four rules:

1) Spend the least amount of non-justified money ie money I wouldn’t spend anyway

2) Everything has to be ethical – would my grandfather be embarrassed by what I am doing?

3) Can only apply for one new credit card that earns United miles

4) Only miles earned in August and credited by September 30th count

As of today, August 1st, here is the balance in my MileagePlus account:

Screenshot 2013-07-29 at 12.17.56 AM

Yes, you can stop laughing now. I have a whopping 2,622 MileagePlus miles in my account. Just another important reason to do this little experiment. My goal is earn 75,000 miles in the month of August.

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